The “MARFIKS” company was established in 1990.

As we provide all types of stone work, we are able to satisfy every need of our demanding Clients, at the same time paying special attention to every project we realise.

We offer stone works and services, such as fireplaces, grills, window sills, kitchen and bathroom countertops, complete bathroom finishing (including ceilings) with large-format and small-format elements, indoor and outdoor stairs with all sorts of stair nosing and anti-slip profiles, modern and rustic floorings with decor and rosette tiles, tiling and ventilating terraces with flame-treated anti-slip slabs, as well as glued facades (or installed with mounting anchors).

We provide a wide range of stone services — from the sale of stone slabs and tiles, to cutting and machining of components, to comprehensive implementation of work assigned by an investor or carried out under the supervision of an architect. Our company offers stone maintenance services as well as restoration services for existing stone elements. We also import stone — especially marble, granite, quartzite, onyx, alabaster, basalt, sandstone and dolomite. The stone is imported from many countries in the world: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey, India, and China, depending on the requirements and needs of the Client.

We have a state-of-the-art machine park which we use for processing the stone and combining it with other materials such as glass, metal, milled rock tile and many others. With the advanced equipment, we are able to carry out the most complex orders of our Clients. Brembana’s Milestone five-axis water jet system allows us to water-cut any design in three dimensions, both in stone and other materials. The five-axis Emedue Discovery and Astra machines accurately cut all types of bathroom and kitchen countertops with cutters, draining boards and service openings. Our engraving machine allows for creating various photographs and paintings on stone slabs used as wall decorations for living rooms and bathrooms.

Our qualified assembly teams with many years of experience ensure a comprehensive and highest quality installation with special emphasis on detail. We grant guarantees for our products and provide out of warranty service for our work.